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Jiangxi Zhongguang Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Premier manufacturer of LED flood lights and other specification grade LED luminaries

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  • Phone: +86-793-6906929
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    No.15, Wencheng Mountain Side Section, Yushan Industrial Park, Shangrao, Jiangxi, China
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Company Profile
Zhongguang Optoelectronics is a manufacturing powerhouse of LED flood lights and other specification grade LED luminaries. The company was invested by Guangzhou Zhongheng Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., an established LED lighting manufacturer with a product portfolio vertically spanning the entire lighting value chain, from LED chips and LED packages to light fixtures. Driven by the increasing demand for energy efficient lighting and the company's ever-growing lighting capabilities, Zhongheng Optoelectronics expanded its manufacturing infrastructure with the launch of a world-class manufacturing facility in Yushan, Jiangxi province. The company has taken its vision to compete as a leading lighting manufacturer one step further.

With a manufacturing space of 170,000 square meters spread over the 200,000 square meter factory complex, Zhongguang Optoelectronics's facility offers the global market a complete and reliable path to product development and mass production. The vertically integrated megacenter are equipped with more than 30 modern, highly  automated production lines as well as full-scale tool and die facilities, metal forming equipment, PCBA assembly systems, finishing and coating lines, integrated testing systems, and burn-in racks. The entire value-added chain of complex luminaire production is performed in-house from industrial design, electrical engineering, thermal design, and system integration to testing and product certification.

Zhongguang Optoelectronics has a dynamic in-house design and engineering team that enables the company to stat at the forefront of LED lighting. Over 120 outstanding professionals continuously drive company's technology advancement within the ever-evolving industry. Product development at Zhongguang is based on a platform strategy with group-wide collaboration with its parent company Zhongheng Optoelectronics. The synergistic combination of R&D forces distinguishes Zhongguang from its competition with its expertise in LED packaging, lighting design, structure design, thermal management and optical engineering. The company's strong technology position is evidenced in its patent portfolio of over 300 patents of proprietary technology.

The growth of Zhongguang Optoelectronics is rooted in its a seamless synthesis of a compelling technology portfolio, economies of scale through integrated manufacturing, as well as a niche focus that has been consistently consolidating the company's strength in every aspect of its lighting solutions. Zhongguang pledges to become the foremost provider of LED floodlights and offers a competitive catalogue of high-performance products. Its huge product capacity, high-tech engineering processes, value added assemblies, stringent quality control, and market-sharp pricing have already elevated the company's market position to be a global front runner.
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